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Fanta Miss Nepal 2013 Announcement

Venue: Malla Hotel
Date: 21st December 2012

Fanta adds fun and excitement to Miss Nepal 2013

  • Fanta Fun Ambassadors to get a unique chance to experience the contest ‘behind the scenes’
  • Consumers can vote for the most fun contestant as ‘Fanta Miss Bubbly'.
  • Top 3 Winners and Fanta Miss Bubbly will feature in Fanta promotions and activations in 2013
  • Fanta to organize Fanta FunMandu, special play activations, across the nation.
  • 360 degree integration of Fanta and Miss Nepal to promote the event across the country

21st December, Kathmandu:

Fanta, Nepal’s popularorange flavoredbeverage, has partnered with Miss Nepal 2013to add Fanta’s signature traits of fun and excitement to the prestigious platform. Fanta will organize consumer activations across 5 cities in Nepal to inspire consumers to engage with the contestants and experience the Miss Nepal 2013 LIVE. Fanta will add some masti to Miss Nepal 2013, amplifying the brands fun and playful imagery by building exciting elements to the campaign. Fanta is choosing consumers to be Fanta Fun Ambassadors and is creating Fanta Play Activations in colleges. Fanta will also give consumers the chance to vote for the most fun and cheerful contestant of Miss Nepal 2013 who will be adjudged Fanta Miss Bubbly.

Miss Nepal is a contest that provides the youth of Nepal with a glamorous platform to showcase their beauty and talent. Fanta, along with organizers of Miss Nepal-The Hidden Treasure,are activating centers across Nepal so that consumers can get exclusive backstage access to the Miss Nepal 2012 contest and a chance to witness the fun 'behind the scenes' as well as the grand finale of Fanta Miss Nepal 2013 , LIVE. These'Fanta Fun Ambassadors' will be the first consumers to have access to Miss Nepal backstage and the chance to witness the rigour, practice and hard-work that each contestant undergoes in order to represent Nepal at international platforms across the world.

Shadab Khan, Country Manager Nepal and Bhutan for Coca-Cola, is excited about Fanta’s new partnership- “Globally, Fanta aspires to create more play in the world, and believes that every individual should include some playfulness in their lives. This year, we want to bring the same play and fun to our consumers in Nepal. The partnership with Miss Nepal leverages the mass appeal of this platform and connects Fanta’s playful attitude with contestants and consumers across the country” he said.
Fanta is also organizing ‘Fanta FunMandu’or Fanta Play Activations in all locations where Miss Nepal auditions will be taking place in Nepal. Fanta will set up fun and exciting games and stalls to engage consumers and encourage them to ‘play’ in their colleges. The two boys and two girls who will be 'Fanta Fun Ambassadors' will be chosen from these colleges.

This year, consumers across Nepal will also get a chance to vote for the most fun, vibrant and cheerful contestant among the participants of the Miss Nepal 2013. The winner of the title will be adjudged ‘Fanta Miss Bubbly’ and will be awarded the title along with the top three winners of the Miss Nepal Contest. All four winners will get an opportunity to become Fanta’s Brand Ambassadors for 2013. The Fanta Miss Bubbly’ aims to attract the best talent from across Nepal, and bring new energy and vibrancy to the Miss Nepal contest.

GopalSundarLalKakshapati, Chairman of The Hidden Talent said, “We are very happy that a global brand like Fanta has partnered with us for this campaign. We hope that through this association, more consumers connect with the contest and we can get more support for the winners throughout Nepal. This is the first time that a highly loved, youthful, and fun brand like Fanta has been associated as a title sponsor of the event, and I am sure this will bring more fun and excitement to the glamorous Miss Nepal 2013.”

Fanta’s association with Miss Nepal 2013 will be a 360 degree integrated marketing campaign, which includes social and digital media, thematic television commercials, billboards and on-ground activities to engage with consumers at various levels and give them a glimpse of the Miss Nepal 2013 contest.
According to Salman Latif Rawn,Country Manager, Nepal, Coca-Cola SABCO,"Fanta is all geared up to add a cheerful twist to make the entire event more interactive and exciting. We hope that the fun elements like Fanta Miss Bubbly and Fanta Play activations connect directly with the youngsters across Nepal, and encourage more youth to participate or support Miss Nepal 2013. The 360 degree integrated campaign, including college campus activations and digital media will take things to the next level for Fanta Miss Nepal 2013."

Coca-Cola Nepal
Coca-Cola in Nepal refreshes thousands of consumers throughout the country through its core product offerings of Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Kinley. The Coca-Cola System in Nepal impacts over 5000 people. Coca-Cola also undertakes a number of projects under corporate social responsibility initiatives, including Coca-Cola Football Cup with ANFA to promote healthy active living, a partnership with UNHABITAT for safe drinking water, restoring of water bodies, rainwater harvesting projects, in schools and villages across the country.


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