हिमाली शेर्पा

Nepali Date Converter
Nepali Date Converter converts bikram sambat Nepali Date to English date and English date to Nepali Date in Bikram Sambat. It is also use to convert hindi date to english and english to hindi date. Bikram Sambat is used in Nepal and India. Country like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thiland and Malaysia also use Bikram sambat or Vikram sambat.

Now "Bikram(Vikram) Sambat Nepali Date Converter" (Version 5.6) Can convert dates from Nepali Date(1970-2100)B.S and from English Date (1913-2043)A.D. Bikram Sambat is specially use in Nepal and India. Nepali Date Converter(from version 1 to 5.6) is functioning almost around 6 year, in this time several error are fixed. Nepali Date Converter (V 5.6) was tested individually for each dates. So the results are 100% accurate till now. If you found any error then please comment

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