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Love Calculator
साथी, हजुरको मायालुले हजुरलाई कति माया गर्नुहुदोँ रहेछ सुटुक्क थाहा पाउन चाहानुहुन्छ भने माथि रहेको Love Meter को Your Name मा हजुरको नाम अनि His or Her Name मा हजुरको प्रेमी वा प्रेमिकाको नाम लेखि Test मा क्लिक गर्नुहोला ।

Our love calculator calculates the love chances between a couple by matching their names and seeing if they are fated for each other. After all, our names is something which we are born with and will most likely stick with us for the rest of our lives. Please input your full names for accurate love percentage.

If your love percentage is...

0 - 20%

Fire will never be able to coexist with water and similarly, the chances of love between sworn enemies is impossible. Romeo and Juliet tried and fail. You should never attempt to follow in their tragic footsteps. The love you had is most probably an illusion. Fate has decreed that friendship is your best option due to the large disparity in every aspect of your lives. Be comforted that friendship often lasts much longer than most relationships.

21 - 40%

There is a thin line betwewen love and friendship in your case. This could work out IF both of you put in plenty of effort. Nobody said love is easy and it certainly won't be in your case. You could experience plenty of pain, anguish and unhappiness due to the difficult conditions. Even if you hold on, it might not even work out as the difficult conditions pull you apart. In the event it does work out, the sweetness of hard fought love is incomparable.

41 - 60%

Cupid has hit the right targets this time around. What started as a simple friendship has evolved into love. You could still be unsure of how this love will turn out but so does he/she. Things move slowly but love is something that cannot be rushed. Push too hard and the sparks will turn into flames. The best solution is to move at your own leisurely pace and love will find a way. Remember love is to be enjoyed and not attained!

61 - 80%

There is always something special between the both of you. Bystanders can easily identify a perfect couple and that is what you two are. Afterall, you share the same interests, same livestyle as well as the same ideals towards life and love. Love comes naturally and smoothly. Wedding bells await for true love!

81 - 100%

The gods above has smiled upon the perfect soulmates. It is impossible to live without each other and nothing can separate the both of you. You were meant to live through life as a pair and all the conditions are ripe for love to blossom right from the start. Through good times or bad, in sickness or in health, your love will last through eternity. Cherish the love you have for it is something most people can only look on in envy.

1+1=2 eyes look at u...
12+12=24 hours thinking about u...
3+4=7 days in week missing u...
1+11=12 months I always need A SWEET PERSON like U.
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